Fellica the Sonic Queen she got crowned today


Happiest day of her life she became a queen of hamburgers at Sonic she received her beautiful crown to be the biggest queen of burgers, but don’t ask why she so wiggly or else she goes mad and starts being silly heady and cry, just tell her how wonderful her crown is and how beautiful her head is. I love her today it been good day she is with me and the Holy Spirit and I be a happy men without either of one of them my life is unbalanced, I love you Fellica please be happy you are my baby girl my darling monkey honey sugar bubu I miss you everyday even when I’m with you because I miss being by your side psychically.

Fellica my flower my sunshine


Fellica is my beautiful banana that I meet long time ago in facebook, we have been on a long distance relationship for 6 years and so far we have been happy, it’s not easy to maintain a LDR but we are here standing strong, loving each other a lot with no regrets. Leaving Fellica is like a nightmare I get lonely sad and depressed when I am away from her because she is the one who is always there for me to support me to forgive me to make me smile. She so crazy but she denies it, give her a energy drink and you going to have a circus in your house, I love you Fellica no matter what you are special to me.